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The Complaint Procedure has been developed to provide an orderly and interactive process for resolving complaints alleging violations of the Tradeloop Code of Business Practices and Ethics. The page linked above explains how complaints will be filed and processed by the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee consists of volunteer Wholesale Members of Tradeloop. The Committee does not render awards of monetary damages.

Tradeloop utilizes a blog-based method for dispute resolution. Blog-based dispute resolution means that all interactions between the Complainant, the Defendant and the Members of the Ethics Committee will occur interactively online. 

Tradeloop, as a provider of an 'interactive computer service' is immune from liability for any information posted. Only the "speaker" of the information shall be held liable for what they say. Pursuant to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Tradeloop users bear all liability for information they post to Tradeloop. However, Tradeloop does have the right to correct, edit, remove, block, and screen content without being considered a publisher or speaker.