The full Code of Ethics can be found here.

The Tradeloop Code of Business Practices and Ethics is based on long-standing procedures originally established by the Information Technology Resellers Association (ITRA) and the Digital Dealers Association (DDA), former industry trade associations. Tradeloop is a pioneer in offering a blog-based procedure for filing and processing ethics complaints.

Members of Tradeloop's Trading Network pledge to honor and agree to be bound by and abide by the Tradeloop Code of Business Practices and Ethics (the "Code") to ensure high standards in all dealings and business transactions among the Tradeloop Community.

Tradeloop seeks to enforce the Code through a volunteer Ethics Committee consisting of industry peers who are members of Tradeloop, which considers alleged violations and renders sanctions. The Ethics Committee is a blog-based committee. If you are interested in participating on the Tradeloop Ethics Committee, please contact the Committee. For more information on how the ethics process works, please visit the Ethics FAQ.

The Code reflects the dedication of Tradeloop and its Members to maintain the highest level of ethics and professional responsibility in their relationship with the public, other members of the industry and customers. It is our goal to ensure these high standards in all of our dealings and business transactions by, for and among the Tradeloop Community.