Membership Dues

As of the 1st of January, 2017, we have added a $3 per month fee to each Tradeloop account. This fee finances our ethics and application processes. We hope you agree that this is a small price to pay to maintain the highest level of ethics and professional responsibility throughout our industry.

What is the Ethics Process?

The Ethics Process involves an independent complaints board run by a volunteer committee of fifteen industry experts (none of whom have a financial interest in Tradeloop).

How does the process work? 

Disputes can be filed against anyone in the industry and, when a complaint is filed, the Ethics Committee reviews the complaint, investigates, mediates, discusses findings, and then votes on recommended actions or sanctions. Sanctions range from a private warning to being permanently banned from using the Tradeloop website.

How are the fees used?

The fees are used to fund our software, volunteer expenses, and staff time in administering the process and maintaining the database of members.

Why a separate fund?

Our goal is to provide improved transparency for the process and for it to become self-sustaining.

History of The Code

The Tradeloop Code of Business Practices and Ethics is based on long-standing procedures originally established by the Information Technology Resellers Association (ITRA) and the Digital Dealers Association (DDA), former industry trade associations. 

Why is it important to have impartial committee members?

Tradeloop believes there is a conflict of interest for any trading network that has an active role in a decision-making process which involves the possibility of banning a member (who is, after all, a paying customer of the network).  

We believe the only way to deal with complaints about behaviour, payment issues or counterfeiting is via an impartial committee.  

Tradeloop's volunteer Ethics Committee consists of a diverse group of industry experts who have no stake in the outcome of their decisions. We believe there is no fairer way to resolve disputes. We hope you agree and we thank you for your continuing support.