Tradeloop caters to a broad range of companies operating in a range of market segments, meaning there is large variations in what can be found on Tradeloop. Please see our guidelines for posting listings to the community below. If you have a question about whether a product / listing is OK to be posted, please contact us here. 

Please adhere to the following guidelines when posting listings on Tradeloop:

  • No posting disparaging or negative comments about another user, or company.  (File Ethics Complaint)
  • No posting trade reference requests, or questions about other users, or companies. 
  • No stolen, illegal or counterfeit products.
  • No products that are in violation or branding or intellectual property (IP) laws.
  • No stand-alone COAs or software products that can't be proven legal by U.S. law. 
  • Nothing in violation of Defense Trade Control Policies (Please check Directorate of Defense Trade Controls)
  • No offers for any services in violation of local, federal or international laws. 
  • No offers for Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) schemes or other "Pyramid" or "Ponzi" type schemes (to be determined by Tradeloop & our Ethics Committee)

Our Broadcast Courtesy Code:

  • We ask that you keep your audience in mind when crafting your listings. Please target all listings / messages to your receivers and keep them at a reasonable frequency. (No Spam)
  • We ask that you provide the most accurate, factual and up to date information about the products you are listing in order to avoid wasting your time or your receiver's time.
  • We ask that you respond to all inquiries and messages in a reasonable timeframe. 
  • Polite, courteous, and kind interaction when responding to broadcast listings or responses to your own broadcast listings. 

Tradeloop relies heavily on our community to report issues with users or listings, if you believe a listing was posted that violates our guidelines, please submit a report here.