After reviewing thousands of broadcast listings over the years, we found that listings that did not receive a response fell into one of the following categories:

  • Lack of Specificity: You posted “I want to buy cell phones”.  So what.  Everyone wants that.  There is nothing actionable.  List exactly what you want to buy (or sell)

  • Too much Specificity: You posted “I need to buy 300 of part ABCFEFG, which is a gold colored 16 GB version.   Would 32GB work?  Would silver work?  In the used market you might have to settle for something more generic, especially in quantity

  • Lack of Credibility: You're reaching out to other countries, without providing any company details about yourself, without any history, using a free email account, for a large deal.  Is it any wonder people don’t respond?   Build a better account profile.

  • Not a big market:  You are looking for something that is hard to find/sell or has  small market.  Try again.


To ensure you get a response we recommend the following:

  1. Build a Strong Profile- Check your due diligence report, and company profile. Do you have a logo, business credentials, website, corporate email, and proper spelling / capitalization? If not, you may be turning people off to wanting to deal with you.
  2. Include Specific Details- Is your listing specific enough about what you need to buy or sell? Did you include sizes, colors, potential substitutions, additional information or requirements needed or that you have? 
  3. Understand Your Requirements- Is this a REALLY hard to find item, or small market in general? Or is this a super specific part with no alternate parts that work for what you need? If so, adjust your expectations, it could take a couple tries to find the right buyer / seller.


If you need additional information or want to schedule a training please contact us.